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Nitin Shah

Cognitive Hypnotic Coach​,
Trainer and Author

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Nitin Shah specialises in working with an eclectic approach to coaching and therapy that seamlessly integrates concepts and techniques from Classical Psychology with Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness, Metaphors and Advanced Coaching Models

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Dedicated to creating a holistic system that connects, supports, enables all the stakeholders in the mental health landscape 

✔ People at large ✔ Psychologists & Students
✔ NGO ✔ Governement

Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences focuses on helping psychologists and coaches develop advanced therapeutic skills and coaching competencies respectively through training and mentorship

An initiative to spread the awareness about importance of visiting a mental health practitioner even before reaching the stage of disorders.

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Author - Destiny of Choice

A self help guide based on events from a true love story​...
On one hand, the book is a tale of romance and its tragic challenges and on the other hand, it is an incredibly powerful manual for living a happy life.

Creating an alignment between the conscious and unconscious is the key to create sustainable trance-formations. Hypnosis is the key to create this alignment

---Nitin Shah


What Clients Are Saying

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Learning CHCP from ICHARS was very enriching. Majorly because now I not only knows what I want but also exactly step by step methodology to achieve what I want. And I can help my clients with same. Course content and teaching methods are amazing. So, I would recommend this to everyone.
Gratitude to Misba mam & Nitin sir. I wish you all a great success!

Stay happy and blessed.
Meera Jha
It has been a journey of knowing oneself!!

I have been trained under the guidance of Mamta Ma’am and Nitin Sir. The way both of them have imparted their knowledge was profound, commendable, and practical application-based. Nitin sir's knowledge of the subject is inspiring and he has the answer to any question you have with best-suited examples. I truly appreciate the ICHARS online module which is complete in itself. The course is so well structured and presented both in online sessions and recordings.

The best decision I ever made, which has transformed my life in a big way. I recommend all my fellow friends from the psychology fraternity to learn from ICHARS without giving it a second thought.

100% recommend.
Nitin has an amazing depth about psychological issues and imparts skills to others with great ease . His support to all his students after the course is commendable. He works ceaselessly to impart knowledge and skills to all . May he be blessed .
Thank you Nitin
I saw the teachings of ICHARS in action about 3 years ago. It left such an imprint on my mind I decided I WILL learn from them, and this turned out to be the fortunate year.

The best decision I ever made. The knowledge, practices and resources - everything is so well structured and presented. Nitin sir's wisdom is inspiring, and to me it seems like he's the messiah of hypnosis on earth.

200% recommend.
Dear Nitin sir,

I would like to offer my gratitude towards you and ICHARS.

Nitin sir is an excellent coach; his knowledge about the hypnosis is far more then Wikipedia.

I appreciate ICHARS online module which is so much helpful.this is one of the best thing to reference even after completing the course.

I recommend ICHARS to everyone who is looking for hypnosis.

Ones again I am grateful for such a good teacher, coach, guide and Guru.

All the best to Nitin sir and all ICHARS team.

Aamin 🙏🙏🙏
What catch my attention when I trained with Nitin is his authenticity, in applying NLP and hypnosis concepts on himself 1st then in teaching them to his students.
I honestly think Nitin sir is a miracle worker, a gift to humanity. He creates a stunning impact on people just by being himself. His knowledge and confidence in himself (in addition to years of experience using eclectic approaches to coaching and therapy) makes him the go-to for any issues that might be holding you back.

There's only so much you can say in a review. To whoever is reading this, I genuinely wish the best for you, and for that you'd have to have at least one session with Nitin sir. It will change your life.

I'm immensely grateful for having him as my guru, guide and coach and cannot stress this enough - THIS is the person to invest in.
I would most certainly recommend Nitin sir to anyone who I feel is seeking another perspective on matters most concerning to him/her . The eventual result of having better clarity than before is completely worth it .
Nitin is a brilliant coach with whom you can achieve your goals naturally and effectively. If you are looking for clarity, direction, meaning, or are stuck at something, consult Nitin Shah right away.
Great Trainers and facilitators. Nitin Shah would just have answers to almost all your questions and you'd be satisfied with them. Hypnotherapy on the other hand is the best form of therapy I've come across. You could use CBT, REBT, NLP etc with Hypnosis and just find immense effective impact. Psychologist who need quick and effective tools to use as therapy need to take these courses because it helps make their work easier as it gives results quicker. Very helpful professionally and personally. Worth the pay.
Being a psychology student, I was always fascinated about hypnosis and the way it works. I was looking for the right place from where I can learn hypnotherapy. ICHARS gave me that platform where I didn't only learn different hypnotherapy and NLP techniques but also was able to successfully practice it under the guidance of sir Nitin Shah. I'm so grateful to have completed my course here. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone who is willing to learn and apply hypnotherapy and NLP techniques successfully and effectively not only in practice but also in daily life.
It's been a great opportunity and unique learning experience to learn from Nitin Sir and Paulomi Ma'am. The way both the faculties imparted their knowledge was profound, commendable and practical application based. I recommend all my fellow friends and colleagues from the psychology fraternity to give a thought and learn from ICHARS all the levels of this course.
I really feel accomplished after completing the Basic Practitioner Course (Level 1). That's Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching & Psychotherapy.
Mr. Nitin is a Gem you gonna find when it comes to Hypnosis. He know his work and involves at all level. He goes beyond the boundary line to support his participants to experience Transformation. I recommend his services to all who really want to experience REAL Transformation in Life. All the best.
Mr. Nitin Shah is an absolutely mind blowing educator. His way of explaining theories & conducting the class is beyond extraordinary. Can never forget the lovely experience had at iCHARS for Level 1 of Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy! Will be eternally thankful.
I loved my experience and training with Nitin and Paulomi. Nitin is a wonderful human being and an excellent trainer. He is intelligent is an understatement, he takes no time in reaching the core of the problem and has a pragmatic approach.
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